Monday, 13 January 2014

Final Question

In the end, out of the three questions we have to choose, we chose:
How do we prevent traffic accidents?
We chose this because we can think of more ideas for it rather than public transport of saving energy. We don't have the sufficient knowledge to solve the problem of limited energy. We also aren't able to find ideas for improving the efficiency of public transport as Singapore and many countries already have solutions to them.
We find this more important as traffic accidents involve lives, which is significantly more important than efficiency of public transport, while saving energy is out of our hands.

Question Formulation

IRS Questions
How can we save energy?
How do we stop inequality between races?
How can we save valuable resources?
How do we stop inequality between sexualities?
How do we stop inequality between genders?
How can we prevent littering?
How can we stop pollution?
How can we stop starvation?
How can we decrease accidents?
How can we stop the transmission of AIDS?
How can we increase the efficiency of public transport?
How can we lower crime rates?
How can we prevent people from smoking?
How can we stop drug abuse?
How can we stop vandalism?

Advantages and Disadvantages of Open-ended questions
Apparently all the questions we thought of were open-ended, because we were thinking of questions that can provide many different answers. Despite being less direct, it lets use think instead of answering the question with 'yes' or 'no'. This will make the topic more interesting.

The top three questions we chose were:
How can we save energy?
The energy we have now is limited and energy is extremely important for us. Therefore, we have to find a way to save as much of it as possible, before thinking of making it unlimited.
How do we prevent traffic accidents?
Accidents happen everyday on the road around the world. This problem usually lies with the driver or pedestrian. If we can fix this problem, we can save many lives.
How can we increase the efficiency of public transport?
By improving efficiency of public transport, we can improve the lives of many different people, ranging from students to workers. This will be beneficial to us and will be able to make changes and improvements in our daily activities.