2. Methods

1. Have you ever witnessed/experienced/saw a traffic accident or have you read about one before?

- To find out how much experience they have in traffic accidents

2. Were the vehicles traveling at high speeds?

- To find out if travelling at high speeds is a main cause of traffic accidents

3. Did the driver break any laws/rules on the road? If yes, what was it? (e.g. exceeding the speed limit)

- To find out which rules is broken most often

4.What kind of traffic accidents do you see often?

- To find out what types of accidents happen the most often on the roads

5. Where did the accident take place?(e.g. Road Junctions, Highway)

- To find out where we should focus our research on.

6. What kind of vehicles were involved in the accident?

- To find out which type of vehicles we should focus our research on.

7. What was the driver’s rough age?

- To find out what the age group we should focus our research on.

8. What was the cause of the accident?
  - To find out the main causes of accidents.

9. What was the weather condition when the accident happened?

- To find out if weather condition may be a factor of the cause of accidents

10. What time did the accident happen? (based on clock)

- To find out if which time of the day accidents happen

11. Was there a traffic jam during the time of the accident?

- To find out if traffic jams is a factor of the cause of accidents.

12. Which part of the vehicle(s) was hit/damaged?

- To find out which part of the car is the most vulnerable

13. Suggest way(s) to prevent traffic accidents.

- To gather possible solutions to the problem

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